Doing Engineering, Delivering Innovation

The company was founded by Mr. Filippo Pilato in 2005 with the aim of offering unique and timely technology consultancy services to automotive companies in Turin, Italy. Today it has evolved to become a professionally managed, global engineering consultancy company driving business results for customers across various industries.

“EMA Global Engineering” business model allows to save operating costs, reduces time-to-market, offers high quality resources and scalable processes. Thanks to the three offices in Europe and USA, we are able to provide services to our customers, embracing different reference markets.

EMA Global Engineering strategy is the central attention to the customer: finding out his dreams and needs, working together to achieve them in an Agile context of continuous discovery and growing.

Our experience in the automotive industry has given us the learning’s and best practices of a systematic and robust product development mechanism. Our success lies in the fact that we can take it and apply to emerging industries like industrial machinery, consumer products and home automation where the engineering processes are just beginning to mature.