Knowing how to innovate is the key to generate new perspectives and EMA believes in the importance of experimenting with new solutions to remain competitive.
EMA offers support to Customers who want to be innovative with the definition of the concept and with the feasibility study before starting the project.

Indoor Air Quality Monitoring

The main target of the project is to monitor gaseous pollutant levels in an indoor environment, identifying the main sources and controlling the level of IAQ, either by domotic systems or human intervention (e.g. by opening a window).
The secondary target is to combine data from IAQ sensors in order to determine room occupancy and energy consumption habits.

Custom LoRa node for indoor communication

IoT systems commonly use low-power and battery-operated electronics to guarantee long service life of the network node. RF communication is one of the most important cause of battery consumption, especially for applications requiring high link-budget as for indoor communications.

Smart HMI with hand gesture control

Furniture is the next frontier of digitalization era: electronics can be integrated in any object of domestic and office settings, creating a new human interaction with the environment.