Our HVAC solutions collect all EMA Global capabilities of designing and producing a QM automotive ECU.
It works both as a power actuator for auxiliary water pump and valve, logic direct controller of fan and flaps, and as a remote controller for compressor and radiator fan.
It features a complete HMI for function control, with modular design that allows easier configuration of the interface without changing the underlying logic and power module.
It has HS CAN communication capabilities and operates as a LIN master for satellite actuators.


Our Testing Instrument Rack Real-time Interface is used during our functional validation activities. It is an important value proposition to reduce the cost of validation activities without compromises on the quality of the products.
It interfaces board signals and power IOs to different instruments for measurement and control, such as power supplies, multimeters, and signal generators.
It can be programmed and controlled over ethernet, and it connects to a CAN bus for easy integration to Vector CANoe as test management tool.


The General Control Unit is a research project that EMA Global carries out to provide customers with flexible and powerful solutions in the automotive field for powertrain and body applications.
Its HW is already ASIL-B compliant, but the selected processor is capable of safety functions up to ASIL-D.
Our gateway is a small-footprint ECU with capability of accessing multiple CAN, LIN and Ethernet buses, as well as processing information from its GPIOs that will soon be expanded with drivers for direct motor control.


AirBuddy is a portable Wi-Fi Indoor Air Quality Monitoring device which gives instant alert and suggests how to improve poor ambient conditions; for example opening a window or adjusting the AC. The device is also able to calculate room occupancy level with a machine learning algorithm.
AirBuddy has a coloured diffused light that intuitively reflects IAQ and gives advice through a display. Detailed data can be visualized on a web interface or mobile application thanks to its internet connectivity.