E-Motor Position Control Strategies



Design for worst-case scenarios can sometimes be too restrictive and costly. So, it could be necessary to make trade-offs to provide a cost-effective solution yet covering the desired specifications. For complex electro-mechanical systems, it can be difficult to determine all relevant parameters in advance. In these cases, statistical or heuristic approaches can be used to verify the quality of the solution.



Characterize the behavior of an electro-mechanical system and design a specific motor control model and related software to balance performance limitations imposed by the component cost-reduction for high scale production. The required performance of the actuator operation had to be guaranteed also for high temperature and over voltage conditions.



EMA worked with the development and production teams to study the characteristics and non-linearity of the electro-mechanical system with the help of a Matlab/Simulink model. A specific testbench has been configured to automate collection of data, validate, tuning and validate the control strategy in order to achieve the requested performances in any condition.