Industrial Sensor Calibration System



Time is always critical during production. The development of specialized and optimized systems to speed up the construction of the electronic devices is of paramount importance for the constructor to reach the market rapidly. The implementation of cost-effective solutions that interact with different tools and sensor in an intelligent way is a critical asset for an efficient plant.



The customer needed an application SW to manage the calibration procedure of a pressure sensor. This SW should interface with a machine for generation of the pressure reference and a proprietary device to program the sensor. To comply with the production, it should also be designed for speed and accuracy to enforce error-free operation.



EMA provided a visual application SW to manage the calibration procedure of the sensor. It has an easy-to-use interface, through which it is possible to execute the complete procedure with few clicks and visually evaluate the results. The SW commands the related machinery for pressure control and sensor programming with no need of additional tools.