HVAC Multi-physics Model for Simulation

Testing algorithms for climatization control may be a problem due to the lack of complete systems (vehicles) to validate as well as the long time and diversified conditions required for the tests.
In this context, a simulated environment is a cost-effective solution to verify that the control algorithm is suitable for the application and that the calibration works well in different conditions.

The aim of the project is to develop a model of an automotive HVAC system that can be used to evaluate the behavior of a control algorithm in different environmental conditions. The model must be parametrized and adapted to different systems in order to allow formal validation and rapid prototyping using automatic source code generation.

EMA GE developed a model from scratch using a Matlab/Simulink solution for the design and simulation of the plant and its control logic. The model reproduced: ducts, engine compartment, coolant, heater core and the refrigerant system. We defined environmental conditions and geometrical parameters to manage different systems. Finally, we finalized the solutions with a test-specific simulation environment.