Understand customer’s need

This is the most important phase in any project. It requires strong commitment and attention to define the objectives to procede fast and confidently with a correct design.
EMA supports the customer from the preliminary phases, with feasibility studies and requirement definitions.

System Design

EMA has capability to design electronic systems of any dimension: a single electronic unit or a complex system requiring multiple devices.

We can also support our customer with system modeling and simulation, to study the system behavior before producing prototypes, and reverse engineering when product knowledge gets lost and must be retrieved.

Hardware Design

EMA designs hardware across many industries and covering the following applications: Mechatronics, Communication, Power Electronics.

We estimate product costs, design schematic circuits and PCB layouts in any technology and produce both prototypes and certified products in limited series.

EMA supports the mechanical integration with drawing, constraints verification, 3D prototyping as well as molding and product certification with our consolidated suppliers.

Software Design

For Embedded, Desktop, Mobile or Cloud Applications, EMA can provide software solutions using several programming languages, developing source code manually or model based.

Since software is more and more relevant in any application, we manage it with dedicated quality process to reduce risks and issues to the customers.

Automotive SPICE reference model and the Agile methodology are the basis of our quality system.

Testing & Validation

At EMA, we know the value of V&V to check that the product is built in the right way and accordingly to the customer needs.

We tests our work-products at any level manually or in automatic way, using commercial simulator or building specific test benches and emulators if needed.

Certification is the last part of the engineering activities that we fulfill with the support of accredited labs.

Production Support

For customers who intend to carry out production on their own, EMA can bring them to the SOP, providing engineering support and HW/SW tools for production (e.g. EOL tester, assembly procedures, programmers).