Automotive industry has always been our reference model during our growing because of the need of high quality in engineering together with low cost and short time-to-market is appealing to every customers.

EMA can help OEMs and TIER suppliers in designing ECUs, providing dedicated engineering services or delivering prototypes and small series production.

We are available to support our customers on-site also to allow the best collaboration in the projects and better finalize our result.


With electrified vehicles transforming the landscape of the automotive industry, we are heading towards a world where vehicles will be powered by electrons rather than hydrocarbons. EMA’s engineering capabilities can help automakers reinvent their business along the inevitable transition.


EMA can design and develop solutions tailored to meet specific needs like enhancing efficiency of features like powertrain.

Body Control Module

EMA with promising electronic automotive capabilities can provide solutions ranging from basic functions such as vehicle lighting, activating the windshield wipers, window control, roof control, central locking system and immobilizers to more complex functions like automatic start/stop and tire pressure monitoring aided by sensors etc.

Connected Vehicle

EMA has abilities to offer a wide array of IoT components that can streamline development of connected car applications and ensure seamless integration between separate modules of the connected car within a secure cloud environment.

ADAS & Passive Safety

Features like ADAS have already started playing a pivotal role in the automotive industry. EMA’s experience and expertise in the industry gives the necessary edge to help automakers seamlessly integrate such features effortlessly.

Smart Spaces and Personalised Interiors

With technology radically transforming what carmakers can do with interiors, cabin design no longer plays second fiddle in the automotive design world. Interiors now claim as much stake as the glamour and glory resided in the sleek, beautiful exterior. Aesthetics apart, even the seating arrangements are likely to transition to make the most of the interior space. EMA can competently come up with designs that can accommodate this transition.