The surprising durability and affordability that most sensors come with today have played a pivotal role in the manifestation of large-scale energy applications. EMA’s innovative ideas have created possibilities that have opened avenues for companies and municipalities to harvest the full potential of end user’s energy consumption patterns. Our intelligent solutions provide the information and the insight required to monitor and control energy consumption. Armed and equipped with hands-on experience in remote monitoring, data analytics, cloud-based data handling and data interpretation engineering we can help build solutions that can track energy usage ensuring a safer and more sustainable tomorrow.


We work with Partners who are e-mobility leaders in Italy and abroad.
We offer softwares’ monitoring services, data and consumption monitoring and remote assistance/support.

Intelligent Metering

Metering systems no longer confine to their mundane function of estimating the quantity of power. They can now not only help understand patterns of consumption but also help generate alerts and reward prudent consumptions.

Visualization & Control

EMA’s knack for inventive engineering can help develop Intelligent metering and power management systems that can facilitate visualization to seamlessly help govern power consumption for both end customers and Powergen companies.

Data Monetization

In a world teeming with data, EMA can help tap into the unfathomable depths of obscure numbers and instate the capacity to sell legible information with energy. This will mechanise a better decision-making process and help monetize data in a better light.

Power Management

Leveraging intelligent metering, EMA can help build power management systems that can assist in making knowledgeable decisions with the information at hand.

Metering Abuse Prevention

With intelligent metering systems in place,Powergen companies can effortlessly identify meter abusethereby circumvent power wastage &abuse that can have detrimental effects on the environment.