Yet again, we are at the brink of another revolutionary transition that is likely to transform the way we live our daily lives. It is the understanding of the key intricacies around emerging technologies like intelligent solutions, IoT, machine learning etc. that would drive this transition in flesh and blood. EMA’s rigour and frugality in automotive electronics experience has equipped us with readily transferrable skills and product development frameworks for consumer electronics. Our expertise in customer experience and interoperability/ connectivity has enabled us to augment the line between automotive and consumer & home automation products. Thus, giving us the opportunity to open avenues in Home Automation and Consumer Products.

Smart Lighting

With a spectral shift in the lighting industry driven towards balance and aesthetics, EMA can help illuminate intelligently by building lighting systems that not only stage grace and grandeur but also propel productivity.

IoT for Appliances

Unfolding an era that has dissolved topographical impediments, IoT has drastically brought down the size and cost of sensors, infusing integration and connectivity. This combination has unravelled a myriad of unfathomable features and benefits that EMA can help efficiently manifest.

Visualization & Control

Leveraging its ability to gather accurate data and visualize it. EMA can help make better informed decisions today that can pave way for a better tomorrow.

Intelligent Appliances

In a world craving for multi-dimensional utility, appliances have lost the essence of their primal purpose. The need to analyse, make informed decisions and control other appliances spews a whole need for newer electronics engineering, something EMA can impeccably deliver.

Home Automation

From the days of remote-controlled garage to a day where appliances can independently list out grocery and sanitary requirements of a household, home automation has come a long way. EMA can help wield the power of IoT and make homes come alive.

Product as A Service

EMA’s capacity to competently integrate PaaS can encourage end users to buy more & consume more, get a fair price perception and evade upfront capital. This can go a long way in terms of retention and making up for what is lost in upfront revenue.