EMA’s unyielding grasp of manufacturing systems&processes, has empowered us to solve engineering & manufacturing challenges of industrial products manufacturers. Our strength stems out of our hands-on experience and expertise built around cutting-edge Smart and Intelligent Solutions. We keep abreast with new-fangled ideas and cater to the fast-evolving need for smart and connected machines. Our proficiency in IoT for smart connected products and IoT for efficient industrial processes has drawn us closer to Industrial Manufacturing. Our agility and scalability in responding to fluctuating engineering needs contingent to market demands, deem us a valuable partner to manufacturers across product categories like Engineered-To-Order (ETO), Assembled-To-Order (ATO), Make-To-Order (MTO) or Make-To-Stock (MTS).

Smart Machines

Smart machines equipped with cognitive computing systems can make decisions and solve problems without human intervention. EMA can help develop these machines that can invariably save time and enhance precision.e inevitable transition.

Industry 4.0 Enablement

The incorporation of IoT for processes can facilitate seamless interoperability between disparate production systems and avert bottlenecks and redundancies. EMA can skilfully cater to the novel engineering requirements of Industry 4.0.

Visualization & Control

EMA’s ability to gather and visualize accurate information will provide enough footing to make sound decisions.


Today, the elimination of human interference from several activities has led to increased streamlining and productivity in processes. EMA can tap into M2M technology and empower machines to be more productive.

Power Monitoring

Power quality issues drastically impact industries across the globe. EMA can help build Power monitoring systems that can identify inefficiencies, ensure safety, reduce peak demand, monitor environmental compliance and even notify for maintenance.

Industrial Mobility

EMA can help structure and build mobility solutions that can facilitate the appropriate movement of men and materials to accomplish prescribed objectives. These objectives can encompass factors like timely availability, safety, convenience, weights etc.