In a world where energy efficiency and electrification are becoming more and more crucial, the electric motor control inverter for PMSM motors is the ideal solution for an efficient and reliable management of these motors in various application areas: from industrial production to automotive, medical and consumer.

At EMA Global, we understand the need to design and supply a complete motor control solution, offering both the hardware part (control electronics) and the software part (control algorithms). This allows us to offer customized products fulfilling customers’ needs thanks to optimal performance.

Our constant research of the motor efficiency and their applications drives us to continuously improve our control systems, using advanced technologies that allow us to regulate speed and power precisely and consistently. Doing this way, we not only ensure significant energy savings, but also increased components’ reliability.

Our passion for innovation and technology drives us to overcome the limitations of the industry. Thanks to our extensive experience and expertise, we are able to handle projects of any level of complexity, satisfying our customers’ needs at every stage of the process.

We are convinced that the future belongs to electric motors and innovative control systems, and we are ready to lead this transformation with our know-how and passion. Join us in this mission to make the world more efficient and environmentally sustainable by choosing EMA Global for your electric motor inverter control.