I nostri clienti hanno bisogno di competenze, professionalità e rigore nella gestione di progetti complessi.
EMA è in grado di adattarsi alle loro esigenze, supportandoli lungo tutto il ciclo di vita del progetto.

E.R.A. - Elettrificazione dei Robot Agricoli

L’agricoltura è uno dei principali settori economici chiamato a sostenere i bisogni alimentari della popolazione mondiale in continua crescita. Per assolvere a questo compito fondamentale l’agricoltura dovrà necessariamente affrontare e risolvere alcune problematiche che stanno emergendo in modo evidente: l’impatto ambientale, la riduzione della biodiversità e la carenza di manodopera.

Collaborative Quality Checker

Industry 4.0 has become a need for companies that want to produce faster, smarter, improve their product quality and reducing inefficiency and costs. In this context, each operation becomes digital allowing production data collection and sharing between machineries in an complex and collaborative network.

E-Motor Position Control Strategies

Design for worst-case scenarios can sometimes be too restrictive and costly. So, it could be necessary to make trade-offs to provide a cost-effective solution yet covering the desired specifications. For complex electro-mechanical systems, it can be difficult to determine all relevant parameters in advance. In these cases, statistical or heuristic approaches can be used to verify the quality of the solution.

HVAC Controller

Thermal comfort in vehicles is considered as one of the most important factors while purchasing a vehicle. For this reason, the demand of HVAC systems in vehicle keeps on growing and car makers and system developers need to study more and more sophisticated solutions to improve system performances, comfort and safety at any vehicle condition.

HVAC Controller With Fragrance Diffuser

Odors are always important in any environment and are a distinctive feature for people. We always try to eliminate unwanted odors, refresh air and diffuse aromas to make our spaces more comfortable. Stunning olfactory experience is also possible inside vehicles thanks to specific fragrances diffusers that can be provided by the high-end car makers.

Internal Ambient Lights

Interior illumination in modern vehicles is the ultimate frontier of style that combines functionality with decorative design. Ambient lighting emphasizes interior curves and features, producing a welcoming and relaxing environment. For these reasons, car makers continuously research particular and configurable lighting solutions for their vehicles.

HVAC Multi-physics Model for Simulation

Testing algorithms for climatization control may be a problem due to the lack of complete systems (vehicles) to validate as well as the long time and diversified conditions required for the tests.
In this context, a simulated environment is a cost-effective solution to verify that the control algorithm is suitable for the application and that the calibration works well in different conditions.

ATM ChequeBook Web Service Manager

Bank services for banking automation and digital transformation, such as banknotes and cheques processing, document handling, e-Banking and enterprise applications require competences in ICT, system integration, cyber security, efficient and customized solutions.

Power Flush Door Handle

Flush Door Handle in Automotive is another application where technology and design has been combined to improve style and create a new interaction between human and vehicle. When the driver approaches the vehicle, the handle will extract automatically from the door. It will retract on vehicle moving or after looking the door.

ASPICE - Compliant Software Development for HVAC Controller

As software is becoming more and more complex in vehicles, Car Makers and OEMs require TIER1 and TIER2 suppliers to comply to Automotive SPICE in their software projects. This guarantees that customers and suppliers work with consistent and measurable standards to improve software quality and reduce risks of potential issues in later phases.

ISO26262 - Compliant Software Development for Parking Lock Actuator

The advent of electric mobility marked a decisive leap forward in the integration of multiple safety-critical ECUs in the vehicle environment, with the increased need of new devices interconnected in a renovated powertrain architecture. The car makers are now trying to keep up with the innovation pace without compromises on safety.

Industrial Sensor Calibration System

Time is always critical during production. The development of specialized and optimized systems to speed up the construction of the electronic devices is of paramount importance for the constructor to reach the market rapidly. The implementation of cost-effective solutions that interact with different tools and sensor in an intelligent way is a critical asset for an efficient plant.

Automotive EOL System Design

Production quality is a very important factor in the supply chain of automotive components. Setting up a production end-of-line (EOL) testing system that is reliable, easy to use and configure helps in improving product quality and production efficiency, reducing costs for maintenance and recalls.

Automotive LIN-bus SW Driver

The capabilities of microcontrollers have much increased in the latest years, allowing for more complex applications also in the automotive industry. Even when overly complex operating systems are not necessary, structured, layered, configurable and easily testable SW is required to develop reliable solutions more quickly.

Signalling upgrade to ETCS BaseLine 3

The European Train Control System (ETCS) is the signalling and control component of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). It is intended to replace old train protection systems and it is designed to replace several incompatible safety systems currently used by European railways operators. The ETCS will be the base for the automatic train operation of the future.

Seat Control Unit

The customer has to design and manufacture a Seat Control Unit (SCU) for a new vehicle, requiring support on software design and development. The SCU receives commands through buttons and CAN network, it actuates motors and stores user-defined positions. It forwards other commands to a slave LIN ECU for additional functionalities.

Energy Management & Monitoring Smart System

Energy management and monitoring systems allow energy providers to improve their services and to increase their proposition with new offers and products, supplying end users with new means for monitoring their consumption habits, predicting and managing the energy spending.

Automotive Pedal Switch Re-engineering

Automotive Aftermarket requires car components to replace original parts produced by OEMs when they become worn or damaged. These equivalent components must work at the same way of the original ones, but they are usually designed and produced in a different way. This job is often carried out without the help of the original component specification and a reverse engineering is needed to study its behavior.

Smart Lighting Control

Controlling domestic appliances, either by means of smartphones, tablets or computers, is part of the domotic domain: in such a context it is necessary that a bidirectional flow of data and information is established between the equipment and the control devices.

Secure Electronic Gear Shifter

Cybersecurity-relevant ECUs in Automotive is an increasing demand of protection from outside attacks that can compromise the device functionality and affect people safety.