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EMA è in grado di adattarsi alle loro esigenze, supportandoli lungo tutto il ciclo di vita del progetto.

Signalling upgrade to ETCS BaseLine 3

The European Train Control System (ETCS) is the signalling and control component of the European Rail Traffic Management System (ERTMS). It is intended to replace old train protection systems and it is designed to replace several incompatible safety systems currently used by European railways operators. The ETCS will be the base for the automatic train operation of the future.

Seat Control Unit

The customer has to design and manufacture a Seat Control Unit (SCU) for a new vehicle, requiring support on software design and development. The SCU receives commands through buttons and CAN network, it actuates motors and stores user-defined positions. It forwards other commands to a slave LIN ECU for additional functionalities.

Energy Management & Monitoring Smart System

Energy management and monitoring systems allow energy providers to improve their services and to increase their proposition with new offers and products, supplying end users with new means for monitoring their consumption habits, predicting and managing the energy spending.

Automotive Pedal Switch Re-engineering

Automotive Aftermarket requires car components to replace original parts produced by OEMs when they become worn or damaged. These equivalent components must work at the same way of the original ones, but they are usually designed and produced in a different way. This job is often carried out without the help of the original component specification and a reverse engineering is needed to study its behavior.

Smart Lighting Control

Controlling domestic appliances, either by means of smartphones, tablets or computers, is part of the domotic domain: in such a context it is necessary that a bidirectional flow of data and information is established between the equipment and the control devices.

Secure Electronic Gear Shifter

Cybersecurity-relevant ECUs in Automotive is an increasing demand of protection from outside attacks that can compromise the device functionality and affect people safety.