Automotive Secure Gateway

A secure gateway automotive is a critical component within modern vehicles, designed to ensure the security and protection of communications and data. It serves as a secure access point between various systems and components of the vehicle, such as the infotainment system, control systems, and external communication networks. The secure gateway automotive implements authentication, encryption, and firewall measures to protect the vehicle from cyber-attacks, unauthorized intrusions, and fraud. It also provides remote management capabilities and software updates to ensure ongoing vehicle security.

The goal of our work is to ensure the security of the system, ensuring the authenticity of the secure gateway software and the connected ECUs. The software must be authenticated by the secure gateway and distributed to the respective connected ECUs, ensuring continuity of service in case of unforeseen events during the execution of updates.

To achieve this, EMA Global has developed an authentication process to verify the integrity and reliable origin of the firmware used, through digital signature validation. In addition, an update distribution system has been designed to all subsystems, ensuring that every component of the system is protected and updated to address new security threats. This solution integrates with the customer’s existing PKI processes and infrastructures.