Secure Boot for IoT Embedded Devices

The IoT system for monitoring electrical consumption in a home environment is designed to provide users with detailed, real-time insights into their energy usage. Using sensors and connected devices, the system collects data on the electricity consumption of household appliances such as kitchen appliances, lights, and heating/cooling systems. This data is displayed through a mobile application or web interface, enabling users to monitor their consumption, identify energy waste, and take actions to reduce energy usage and improve efficiency.

Implement a security strategy on the measuring device in order to guarantee the integrity and security of the data. Verify the authenticity and integrity of the firmware during the boot process, preventing unauthorized or modified firmware from running. Ensure the security of data in transit in order to guarantee the privacy and reliability of the data collected.

As a solution, we have developed a firmware authentication process and data encryption during transit. The firmware of the IoT device for monitoring electrical consumption is authenticated using digital signatures to ensure the integrity and trustworthy origin of the software. Additionally, the data transmitted between the device and the monitoring application is encrypted to protect it from unauthorized access. This solution ensures the security of sensitive data and safeguards user privacy, preventing man-in-the-middle attacks and data manipulation.