IoT Training Course – Results

As mentioned in a previous article dated February 14th 2020, EMA engineering team has successfully completed a training course focused on IoT application development in a Cloud Computing context. In this article we want to show you a little more in detail the results obtained at the end of the course.

Thanks to the sensor system completely prototyped by EMA, a dataset of measurements obtained on the filed has been used as the core of a cloud-based architecture data distribution and analysis (see picture 1).


The data has been sent in real-time to a network server inside the LoraWAN infrastructure and from there aggregated in two separate databases: a relational one based on MySQL, implemented locally and a remote one accessible from the cloud-based on DynamoDB, a non-relational database belonging to the Amazon Web Services (AWS) suite which served as the platform for our cloud application.

It is thanks to the adoption of the Amazon cloud technology that we have been able to develop a mobile interface to be used on Android devices, providing a way to access the data that is intuitive, customizable, flexible and always guaranteed (see picture 2).


Whatever is your necessity, we are ready to apply these skills!

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