Energy Management & Monitoring Smart System

Energy management and monitoring systems allow energy providers and energy vendors to improve their services and increase their proposition with new offers and products, supplying end users with new means to monitor their consumption habits using smart devices, predicting and managing the energy spending.

The requirement was an IoT solution to read the electric consumption and communicate data both to a Cloud, for analytics and mobile App visualization, and indoor to a smart piece of furniture featured with multicolor lighting and hand gesture control. Long service life of battery-powered devices, communication performance optimization and future scalability are some of the main constraints imposed in the project and no professional installation is allowed (not even a screwdriver).

Since a commercial solution was not available in the market, EMA carried out a feasibility study to identify the best technologies to use and the performance limits of the different IoT solutions. Then, an IoT system was designed from scratch: electronic devices, wireless communication protocols, remote diagnostics, procedures for the system configuration and the software update. EMA supported the customer until the start of production.