Cold Start Fuel Pump

A cold start fuel pump is a component used in cars and trucks to facilitate cold starting of the engine. During periods of low temperature, the fuel can become denser and more viscous, making it difficult to supply fuel to the engine. The pump is used to increase fuel pressure and ensure adequate flow during cold starting, facilitating engine ignition. This component helps improve vehicle reliability and performance during cold start conditions.

The goal of our work is to design the electronic control board for the BLDC (Brushless DC) motor that powers the pump. The board will be responsible for controlling the operation of the BLDC motor, regulating the speed and direction of rotation based on the system’s requirements. Sophisticated control algorithms will be implemented to ensure efficient and reliable motor operation, enabling optimal fuel flow management. Additionally, the control board will be designed to ensure the safety and protection of the system and to allow easy integration with other components of the overall pump system.