HVAC Controller With Fragrance Diffuser

Odors are always important in any environment and are a distinctive feature for people. We always try to eliminate unwanted odors, refresh air and diffuse aromas to make our spaces more comfortable. Stunning olfactory experience is also possible inside vehicles thanks to specific fragrances diffusers that can be provided by the high-end car makers.

The TIER1 customer needed a custom electronic unit for its complex HVAC system that included an optional fragrance diffuser combined with a dedicated air quality monitoring and diffusion logic. The software had to control the optimal diffusion to achieve the desired user experience and reduce the fragrance consumption.

EMA has modeled in Matlab/Simulink the control logic of the diffuser and the rest of the HVAC, developing the complete SW for the ECU. We directly manage relationship with the final customer (car maker) to better understand objectives and reduce the time-to-market of the solution. We’ve given final support during validation and the final product acceptance.