HVAC Controller

Thermal comfort in vehicles is considered as one of the most important factors while purchasing a vehicle. For this reason, the demand of HVAC systems in vehicle keeps on growing and car makers and system developers need to study more and more sophisticated solutions to improve system performances, comfort and safety at any vehicle condition.

The customer requested EMA to design a custom ECU for a new HVAC system and asked support for the plant integration, calibration and validation. The solution had to completely control the plant, in manual and automatic mode, and integrate the part of electronics responsible for the HMI command acquisition and lighting.

EMA worked with the customer to consolidate both the HVAC system and the ECU specification in terms of E/E interfaces, mechanical integration and HMI.
We designed an integrated ECU featuring both HMI and control, studying the plant and the control logic of the automatic climate, supporting the customer on-site during the system integration and testing on the vehicle.