Aerial Digital Mapping Design Review

The customer offers an aerial reconnaissance system with advanced cameras and sensors for surveillance applications, environmental monitoring, urban planning, natural resource management, critical infrastructure inspection and support in emergency situations such as search and rescue. This type of system provides detailed aerial vision and relevant data that helps you make informed decisions.

The goal of our work is to carry out a complete review of the hardware and software system to improve the reliability and performance of flight missions. On the optimization of hardware components, on the verification and resolution of any bugs or malfunctions in the software, as well as on the implementation of new features and technological improvements. Through this in-depth review, we aim to ensure that the system is able to operate reliably, efficiently and safely, ensuring the success of operations.

As a solution, we have made the hardware system more efficient by simplifying the architecture, reducing production costs, and utilizing components that are better suited for the application context. Additionally, we conducted a review of the software architecture to enhance the system’s reliability and maintainability. Targeted optimizations and improvements were implemented to ensure a more stable operation, optimal performance, and easier management of the system.