Naval Fire & Flooding Alarm System Review

A critical fire and flooding alarm repeater on a military ship serves to ensure the safety of the crew and the operational readiness of the vessel. In case of an emergency such as a fire or flooding, the repeater receives signals from alarms located at various points throughout the ship and repeats them clearly and audibly in strategic areas. This allows the crew to be promptly alerted and take necessary actions to address the emergency, prevent further damage, and ensure the survival of the crew and the vessel.

Conduct a comprehensive analysis of the hardware and software system to identify and resolve design issues and malfunctions, particularly the periodic unintended blockage of the repeaters. Through this analysis, we aim to identify the causes of the blockage and develop effective solutions to restore the proper functioning of the critical repeaters. Our ultimate goal is to ensure the reliability and stability of the alarm system, enhancing the safety and operational readiness of the ship.

EMA Global performed a verification process to ensure that the choice of hardware components was suitable for the intended application. Utilizing advanced tools for static and dynamic analysis, we conducted a thorough examination of the software to identify and address development issues. Necessary optimizations and improvements were made to ensure the proper functionality of the critical repeaters. This solution has improved the stability of the system and prevented the periodic unintended blockage of the repeaters.