Train Software Validation for Regional Platform

The client takes care of the design and production of rolling stock for railway customers from all around the world. The project provides for the engineering design of a passenger train for ARF Romania that adds technological innovation to existing fleets to increase the comfort of inter-city travel.

To meet the customer’s requirements, a carry-over of the current train architecture was provided by modifying certain subsystems so that they comply with the national reference regulations. The challenge was to validate the control and monitoring software (TCMS) of the passenger train and verify the functionalities requested by the customer.

The EMA Global team is responsible for writing test procedures starting from the software specifications, performing tests on complex simulation
tools such as testbenches and verifying them on board the train, and producing reports and supporting documentation. The goal is to identify software and simulator configuration bugs, suggest fixes and rexes, in order to arrive at a final product ready to be installed on trains.