Dynamic Transition Between Countries – Crossing Borders Automatically

The connection between distant places has always been a crucial point to overcome to allow the economic development. Being able to travel in less time translates into an improvement in the quality of the service offered, also in terms of environmental impact. Therefore, the development and validation of software is essential to automate processes that in the past were completely manual: this is the case of the railway that connects Zurich to Munich, crossing 3 countries in just 3 and a half hours.

The customer’s request is to have the possibility of an automatic configuration in the voltage change procedure performed by the Train Control software, following the variation of the catenary during each phase of crossing national borders, such as between Italy and Switzerland.

EMA Global took care of providing consultancy starting from the study of the railway line, proceeding to analyze and then modify the logic impacting the software on board the train. Therefore, following tests (both through simulators and on field) to improve the studied solution, the documentation requested by the customer was drafted, containing all the necessary details, from the specification to the result.